Nov 30

gift guide: less than $30.

When I was younger, my favourite time of the year was when the Sears Wish Book came in the mail. I would tear through that thing in an instant, diligently cutting out all the toys I wished to see under the tree on Christmas morning. I would then take my little cutouts and glue them onto pages and pages of green and red construction paper (I was so festive). As I got older, I began to add a little legend, with stars next to each item, denoting how badly I wanted said toy. * obviously meant, it would be cool if this was my gift, and ******* meant I would run away from home if this wasn’t under the tree (you’re welcome mom). While I feel I’m a little old for Christmas lists such as those, I just couldn’t help doing something this year. So to celebrate the kick off to the holiday season, I present to you my three days of holiday gift guides!

for him:
1 lightswitch coverplate $8
2 rock ice cubes $19
3 the book of awesome $28.50
4 black playing cards $29
5 hedgehog bottle opener $18
6 queue metal lighter $30
7 cashmere scarf $25

for her:
1 tie tea mug (note, you wrap your tea bag around the little cutouts. so nifty!) $25
2 linen napkins $18
3 wooden nesting bowls $23
4 cashmere hand warmers $15
5 mistletoe candle $25
6 damn heels (fold up ballet flats that fit into your clutch for when you can no longer bear your heels) $20
7 ikat bowls $14

for theirs:
1 mobile $27
2 ducks $14
baby teeth box (for the tooth fairy) $14
4 wooden beaded toy $12
5 sophie the giraffe $22
6 wooden toy $30
7 wood bake set $22

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