Nov 26

one hundred things: week VIII.

Sofia from Sofia’s Journal has a challenge: to come up with One Hundred simple things that make you happy. It seems easy enough, no? I’ve decided to take this challenge and run with it! Every friday for the next few weeks I will present to you a new compilation of ten things that make me happy.To see the rest of the series click here: one hundred things

Week VIII:

#71. Vespas + heels.

#72. Well-dressed babies (look how spiffy he is!! please note the sock pom-poms)

#73. Whipped cream.

#74. The little noises kittens make

#75. Watching mindless television on a sick day (y&r? price is right?)

#76. A rainy day and nothing forcing you to leave the house.

#77. Laughing until your cheeks hurt.

#78. A midnight snack that you probably shouldn’t eat at midnight…

#79. Putting on clothes that just came out of the dryer.

#80. Waking up to a good morning text message that my boyfriend left me (since he starts work approximately 2 hours before I even get out of bed).

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