May 7

Dinner Al Fresco: Outdoor Dining

The weather around here has been nothing short of balmy lately and I, for one, am pumped. I’ve always been a big fan of outdoor dining, but even more so these days as my love for gardening grows. Being surrounded by all things beautiful has always been important to me. And over the years our backyard has slowly but surely become my favourite place to spend my time.

Dining outdoors with family and friends ranks high atop my list of favourite things. So needless to say I’m excited for the season ahead. I’ve been daydreaming about what’s to come, and I’m hopeful that it all looks a liiiittle something like this:

Photo & Design: Josh Young

Other spring things I’m loving


  1. Outdoor Patio Umbrella | 2. Outdoor Table Lamp | 3. Melamine Dinner Plate | 4. Striped Seagrass Pitcher | 5. Tablecloth | 6. Cocktail Glass | 7. Printed Napkin | 8. Outdoor Bar Cart | 9. Bread Board | 10. Vase | 11. Brass Serving Utensils


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  1. HC says:

    I am so ready for outdoor dining season. I live in Oregon so we only get a couple of months to fit in all of al fresco dining.

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