Apr 4

Found: Pretty Garden Tools

Are you someone who, like me, never quite had the knack for gardening, but has found an appreciation for it with age? If so, you’ll understand the joy of discovering the beauty in every aspect of the gardening process. From the soft colours of blooming flowers to the tranquil atmosphere it creates as a result, gardens truly are essentially the ultimate haven for those of us whom appreciate all things soft and pretty.

As someone who believes in surrounding themselves with beauty, I’ve recently been drawn to pretty garden tools that not only serve a practical purpose but also add an aesthetic touch to my outdoor space. From garden gloves that look great while they work hard, to a hose bib I can’t stop lusting over, I love each one more than the next. I feel like they can’t help but elevate the whole gardening experience.

Design: Smith Creative | Photography: Paul Massey | Source: Home & Garden

  1. Sun Hat | 2. Garden Gloves | 3. Scalloped Planter Pot | 4. Trowel and Hoe | 5. Hose Holder | 6. Bergs Pot | 7. Seed Packet | 8. Garden Clogs | 9. Watering Can | 10. Garden Shears | 11. Rattan Planter Basket | 12. Terracotta Pot | 13. Herb Garden Markers

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