Nov 29

Achieving the Perfect Old School Holiday Look

This year I’ve found myself craving (and posting about) that old school holiday look, but haven’t really been all that clear on how to get there. I love the idea, though, of transporting myself into a world of classic elegance, filled with rich colours, and just a hint of sparkle.

To embody the essence of an old school holiday, I’d start by choosing a sophisticated colour palette reminiscent of your favourite vintage ornament. Deep burgundies, forest greens, and royal blues are all fair game here. Incorporate classic patterns like plaids and tartans to evoke a sense of nostalgia. For an extra touch of glamour, introduce just a hint of sparkle with metallic accents in gold or silver.


Drape your space in vintage-inspired decorations, from intricate ornaments to lush garlands. And I love the idea of adorning your dining table with heirloom-quality tableware to elevate the old school holiday ambiance.

Embrace the magic of an old school holiday by infusing your celebrations with these classic elements. Explore the links below for a few handpicked pieces (that are still in stock!) that will help you achieve the perfect blend of nostalgia and elegance.

Image Source: Chelsea Handegan

  1. Iron Bows | 2. Metal Star Decorations | 3. Bauble Garland | 4. Velvet Cuff Stockings | 5. Candy Cane Decorations | 6. Clip On Candle Lights | 7. Holiday Village | 8. Paper Star Tree Topper | 9. Star Wreath | 10. Bow Stocking


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