Nov 23

Unwrapping Nostalgia: The Most Beautiful Holiday Gift Wrap

Now that our gift guides are wrapped up (check them out here, if you’d like), it only makes sense to elevate the gifting experience by diving into the world of “beautiful holiday gift wrap”. Though I love all forms of holiday gift wrap, this year I’m really drawn to those with a vintage twist.

Photo: Thistle Harvest

Picture this: ribbons and patterns reminiscent of times when handwritten cards and warm wishes were the norm. I can’t get enough of the timeless elegance that vintage-inspired holiday wrapping paper brings to my gift-giving game. It’s like adding a touch of history to each present, making the act of giving just that much more special.

So, if you’re on the hunt for gift wrap that screams “nostalgia,” join me in embracing the beauty of the past this holiday season.

Here are a few beautiful holiday gift wrap ideas I’ve fallen in love with.

  1. Patterned Wrapping Sheets | 2. Taupe Velvet Ribbon | 3. Vintage Pattern Satin Ribbon | 4. French Wired Ribbon | 5. Velvet Ribbon | 6. Brass Scissors | 7. Greeting Card | 8. Vintage Stamp Wrapping Paper | 9. Chiffon Fringe Ribbon | 10. Velvet Ribbon On Wooden Spool | 11. Green Pattern Wrapping Sheets | 12. Velvet Ribbon On Wooden Spool | 13. Floral Pink Wrapping Paper | 14. Velvet Ribbon | 15. Blue Leaf Wrapping Sheet Paper | 16. Wrapping Paper Book | 17. String Spool With Scissors | 18. Torn Silk Ribbon | 19. Gift Wrap Sheet



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