Nov 6

Holiday Decorations: Infusing Festive Magic into Every Corner

The jingle of bells and the red and white coffee cups can only signify one thing – the holidays are near, and I vote that it’s officially time to bring a little winter wonderland home. As I age I’ve realized that decorating for the holidays is not just about hanging ornaments; it’s a ritual that signifies so much and holds so many fond memories. Ones I can’t wait to continue to share with my daughter.

From the mistletoe by the doorway to the twinkling lights adorning the mantle, every corner has the potential to hold a little extra magic. This year I’m really feeling a modern take on the vintage holiday vibe and can’t wait to bring a little bit of it home.


I’ve become really proud of the holiday decor we’ve collected over the years, and save from adding a few new ribbons (perhaps?) we really don’t need anything. If I were to be adding to our collection, however, these are the holiday decorations I’d purchase.

Photo: Julia Berolzheimer


  1. Gold Door Hang Bells | 2. Velvet Ornament | 3. Gold Leaf Glass Ornament | 4. Glitter Star Wreath 5. Fawn Decor | 6. Cedar Swag | 7. Gingerbread Cookie Jar | 8. Olive Lotus Stocking | 9. Ceramic House Set | 10. Gold Beaded Garland | 11. Stocking Holder | 12. Brass Meadow Garland | 13. Woven Scallop Tree Collar | 14. Bell Place Card Holders | 15. Star Canapé Knife | 16. Ceramic Santa Mug

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