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DESIGN 101: How High Do You Hang Art Above Furniture?


Have you ever wondered how high to hang art above furniture? We recently covered how high you hang art on a wall without furniture beneath it. You can check that out here, if you missed it! But all of that goes out the window when you’re hanging art above furniture (like a console table or a couch).  In this case, you really want both the art and the furniture piece to feel like a cohesive unit. Ultimately, they should feel visually connected as a whole. Whether you’re hanging art over a sofa, a console table, a desk, or beyond…You want the bottom of the frame to be mounted no less than 6″ and no more than 10″ above it.

Photo: Heidi Lau for Lark & Linen | see the rest of this room reveal here

Quick Design Tip: How High Do You Hang Art Above Furniture? | lark & linen

{how to high to hang a gallery wall above furniture}

There are, of course, always exceptions. And since design is so subjective, once you know the rules of thumb it gives you the chance to consciously make said rules your own. But if you’re just starting, or have ever wondered where to begin, this is how high to hang pictures above furniture. It’s a little tool that you can keep in the back of your mind when you’re hanging art in your own home.

Quick Design Tip: How High Do You Hang Art Above Furniture? | lark & linen

{how high to hang a picture above furniture}

Bonus tip: if the art piece looks like it’s hung way too low when you take a step back to look, chances are it’s too small for the furniture piece. You just need to size up! The scale of your picture is equally important when it comes to design. And perhaps it’s a little interior design tip I should tackle next…

If you have a moment, I’d love to know what quick design tip you’d like me to share in the comments below. I’m taking notes!

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  2. Nicole says:

    All good tips!

    I would like to know your all time favourite couches, the comfy, the classic, the modern ones! With materials that can withstand children and pets.

  3. Darlene Evans says:

    Your design tips are always helpful. Would you kindly do one on how to style a fireplace mantle?

    thank you

  4. Joanna says:

    I’d like some tips on decorating a mantel. I’m finding it troublesome. I have 2 creamy white pieces – vase & jug that I want to use. I’m not sure if I should keep them together on one side and use something (what?) on the other side Or put one on either side of the painting, then how to complete. I like few big pieces versus many little ones. It gives more impact, less clutter.

  5. Brooke says:

    Love these!! Would love any tips on how to deal with electric baseboard heaters and window treatments. Am I stuck with blinds vs drapes?

  6. Iconsintex says:

    thanks for sharing the information…….

  7. Carol says:

    I’ve been trying to find a small sectional for a vacation condo but not having much success, is custom affordable??

  8. Marica says:

    Very handy tips, thank you for sharing them! I find your bonus tip of “taking a step back” such a valuable gauge – sometimes one just instinctively knows (or even “feels”) whether or not something looks right.

  9. Mi says:

    Would like to see tips on how finishing touches to pull a room together in my case neutral furniture strong rug ( heriz red field). Red pillows feel too bright are neutrals too boring?
    Also appropriate pillow sizing related to back height and sofa design. Stagger sizes or repeat?
    Choosing the right frame for art based on room decor and style

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  11. Helpful Tips!! Thanks for sharing!

  12. Bethany Germano says:

    Does the table have to be as long as the picture above it?

  13. priyal interior work best interior designer work and modular kitchen in low budget.

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