Sep 12

Elevate Your Thanksgiving Tabletop Decor with a Personal Touch

Thanksgiving is creeping up on us once again, and with it comes the opportunity to create a memorable celebration. This year, I love the idea of making our Thanksgiving gathering a little extra special by infusing our tabletop decor with personal touches, in addition to the beauty (you know I love beauty!)


As I sift through my collection of family heirlooms, I’m reminded of past Thanksgivings. The lace tablecloth my mother always brings out on special occasions, candlesticks we’ve used for years, and delicate china that once belonged to my grandmother… All of which hold uniquely special memories.

If it isn’t smack you in the face obvious (hah), I’m feeling a little more sentimental these days. And I just love the notion of utilizing these tucked-away-pieces to help transform these occasions into something a little extra special. It doesn’t take much… but something like personalized place cards, and a gratitude jar of sorts so that everyone can share what they’re thankful for – a reminder of the holiday’s true spirit.

Thanksgiving may be sneaking up on us more quickly than I could’ve imagined, but I’m embracing it with open arms and full heart. This year’s tabletop decor will be beautiful, yes. But I’m hopeful that it’ll reflect our growing family, helping to create a space infused with love, appreciation, and the joy of togetherness.

Photo & Design: Ayr Barns


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