Jul 13

For The Love Of Scallops

scalloped home decor

You may have noticed that scalloped home decor has popped up everywhere lately, almost seemingly out of nowhere. From benches to bowls to window treatments and beyond, nothing is safe from the scalloped treatment. And honestly? I’m here for it. For many reasons – but mostly I love how it brings an element of playfulness and femininity into a room.


That said, when it comes to anything that feels “trendy” I would try to incorporate scalloped home decor in a restrained manner. A picture frame here, a beautiful pendant light there… just a few pieces to help a space feel current without, eventually, screaming 2023. Here are a few scalloped home decor items I’m loving right now. I’ve also added a dropdown “scalloped” menu to my shop (right here) so I can update the list as I stumble upon new things to love, so be sure to check back if this look is up your alley.

Image & Design: Heidi Caillier Design



1. Scallop Rattan Pendant | 2. Pot & Saucer | 3. Scallop Photo Frame

4. Bedside Table | 5. Scallop Rattan Basket | 6. Scallop Sham

7. Brass Scallop Sconce | 8. Rattan Cachepot | 9. Scallop Serving Bowl

10. Rattan Napkin Holder | 11. Scallop Marble Dish | 12. Scallop Placemat

13. Rattan and Linen Dome Pendant

Image & Design: Heidi Caillier Design

scalloped home decor

Image: Christopher Horwood

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  1. Ann says:

    Can you provide the source for the small table? It’s exactly what I’m looking for! Love the space….

  2. Thanh Hung says:

    So gorgeous. I think my girlfriend will love these things so much.

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