May 24

Summer Sales

luxurious whimsical summer yard
Photo & Design: Rose Uniacke

I don’t know if you’ve noticed lately, but memorial day sales are alive and well as of late and it’s a really wonderful time to take the plunge on anything you’ve been eyeing for your home. I always like to add that when I put together these “summer sales” posts, or anything of the sort, it’s simply meant as a passing along of information. I don’t ever want to add pressure to anyone. And I don’t, personally, believe that any of us should be rushing to purchase anything for our homes without a plan. I would hate for you to have buyers remorse and am a big believer on giving these things some intentional thought. But if you’ve been thinking about something for a while, it is a really good time of the year to go for it!

Following are a few of my very favourite summer sales of the bunch. I’m sharing a few picks of each to give you a sense of what I’m lusting over at the morning. These are all high end furniture and decor companies that sell absolutely beautiful products. They’re the ones that are really worthwhile looking into. Keep checking back as I’ll be sure to add more (including discount codes) as I stumble across them.


25% off site wide


up to 30% off site wide – plus an additional 10% off if you use my code JACQUELYN10


25% off site wide using code SITEWIDE25


20% off sitewide


20% off everything with code SPLASH


10% off site wide
(including our lamp & chandelier)

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