May 30

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I’ve been thinking, lately, about how much time I spend on platforms like Instagram (stories, specifically). Admittedly, I adore the spontaneity of posting as the mood strikes or something inspires. But it also pains me that those lovely little moments disappear into the ether within hours. After penning this blog for nearing a decade and a half now, I still find myself digging deep into my archives to drum up old memories. And I love that so much of my little (and big) life’s moments are found within these pages. It’s something that I haven’t been great at documenting in recent years but have wanted to be more intentional about.

So in light of that, I’d like to take a moment to bank a few memories. It’s been a really busy few weeks with a big project install coming up (I sometimes forget how many millions of moving parts are involved for a project like this). We also had our best friends from Sweden in town to visit us (we hadn’t seen them since this trip years ago – we hadn’t even met each others children. That was so soul-filling, let me tell you.) Plus a serious birthday party circuit to boot (why is everyone seemingly born in May?)

RECENTLY: Bought & Loved

And though it’s been quite busy, and im admittedly a little pooped, our days have been full of so much goodness. I feel keenly aware of all of the love, beauty, and abundance that has been surrounding us. It’s a lot to handle at times, if I’m being honest!

Allowing myself to be present and feel all of the feelings, the good AND the bad, has been a large part of my personal journey in recent years. As a deeply sensitive person, I spent a lot of my life denying, being embarrassed by, or suppressing my feels. But I’m not nearly as afraid of them these days – in fact, Im embracing them more and more as I go. And with it sometimes comes these waves of intense love and gratitude – especially as of late. It still feels like a lot at times, but it’s wonderful! And I appreciate you for indulging me. Here’s a peek at what we’ve been up to IRL around here.

{above: the prettiest home store in Prince Edward County}

{deliveries for an upcoming install – this bedding is 10/10}

{my new favourite tee – buttery soft & the sweetest details}

{my brother’s birthday lunch}

{a mochi donut date with my girl (we got earl grey & chocolate chip cookie)}

{pony rides at a birthday party – my *actual* childhood dream}

{a weekend in Prince Edward County with friends}

{the best age <3}

Thanks for being here <3

Sending love,

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  1. Muskoka says:

    I completely relate to the Jacquelyn’s thoughts on spending time on platforms like Instagram and the fleeting nature of those moments. It’s amazing how we can capture spontaneous and inspiring moments with a simple tap, but it’s equally disheartening to see them disappear into the abyss so quickly.

  2. Mom says:

    My darling daughter…you have a wonderful
    Life!!!!🥰you deserve it!!!
    Miss you all…but Croatia is magical!!!

  3. ramona says:

    Whee! Sounds like your summer is starting off with a bang! 🌞 What fun! BTW…you had me at sidewalk chalk! 😉

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