Jul 7

Currently Coveting: A Few Summer Things

Currently Coveting | lark & linen

I feel like I say this all the time, as every season has it’s perks. But as of this very moment we are at the beach with my entire family and summer is absolutely stealing the show. I could go on a lengthy diatribe about what this current season of life means to me, but for now I’ll spare you and show you the good goods.

I’m really drawn to this brick red meets brown hue right now and even picked up that vintage inspired sweatshirt for my own closet. Similarly, the sunglasses and eyebrow pencil have made their way into my hands and I can attest that they’re great. The gold chain is a timeless piece, great for layering. And I would kill for a spot to put that wardrobe (I mean, hello!) Here’s everything I currently have in all of my virtual shopping carts this month. Lots of pretty summer things to tuck away.


Design: Cohesively Curated | Photo: Carina Skrobecki Swain


A Few Summer Things I Have My Eye on

Currently Coveting Fall Favorites | lark & linen

1. Crew neck sweatshirt | 2. Wavy snake chain necklace | 3. Terracotta handled jug

4. Lucie tie strap sundress | 5. Opal throw pillow | 6. Sunglasses

7. Oak armoire | 8. Luxe cream brow pencil | 9. “In Full Flower” book

10. Arcadia block print quilt | 11. Natural Floral Print II | 12. Natural Floral Print I

13. Toddler playwear set | 14. Native deodorant | 15. Cement footed bowl

16. Hundley chair




Design: Cohesively Curated | Photo: Carina Skrobecki Swain

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  2. Anne says:

    Hi. The July 7th featured kitchen is beautiful – do you happen to know the cabinet paint color? I checked the links but didn’t find any information. I’d appreciate if you could share any information. Thanks

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