Jul 5

Dress Your Tech: Cloudy Beach

A free desktop wallpaper brought to you by my incredibly talented friend, Jess Blazejewski

Dress Your Tech: Cloudy Beach | lark & linen

Hi Friends! It’s Jess from Jess Blazejewski Fine Art, with a new free backdrop for your tech. Summer is here, and considering how weighty the news has been lately, I think we could all use a break! I painted this soft and soothing beach landscape for the relaxed vibe I’m craving lately. Simply select your favorite version of this ocean backdrop below & just click the link to download.

Dress Your Tech: Cloudy Beach | lark & linenDress Your Tech: Cloudy Beach | lark & linen




Download wallpaper from months past right here | Copy, Design & Artwork: Jess Blazejewski

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