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My Best Buys of 2021

The Best Things I Bought in 2021 | lark & linenPhoto: Caitlin Flemming


I’ve been putting these little lists of my favourite things together for four years strong now, and it’s so interesting to look back at each one of them (you can do that here, if you’d like). I mean, just this morning I placed another order for the dry shampoo in this one. Largely, to this day I still use quite a number of those things, which is so lovely to see. As I continue to focus on bringing fewer better things that are meant to last into my life, here are a few of my favourite things I purchased in 2021. 
The Best Things I Bought in 2021 | lark & linen

1. An Intuition Journal 

This journal was gifted to me for my birthday, and it has been invaluable for helping me get in touch with my inner wisdom. I love that it’s simple and to the point and doesn’t take a ton of time to work on each day, but helps keeps me accountable as the days pass by.


2. A Vintage Embroidered Pillow 

I’m very much of the belief that our homes are meant to evolve as we do. We recently switched out our toss cushions in our living room and it was such a lovely way to easily and effortlessly breathe new life into our space, without making any major changes. This pillow was more of a splurge, but it felt so uniquely special I knew it needed to be ours. 


3. The Softest-Ever Jumper

I had been eyeing this cardigan for years before pulling the trigger and now that I have, I wish I had done it sooner. It’s so soft, luxurious, and completely timeless – I know it will be a piece that stays in my closet for decades to come.


4.  A Lovely Muslin Blanket 

I’ve not only purchased this muslin blanket myself (twice), and have specified it for a number of clients ever since. It comes in a lovely sandy shade, and white. I love laying it casually at the foot of a bed to instantly bring a little texture to a space. 


5. A Stainless Steel Toddler Sippy Cup 

I’m working hard at eliminating as much plastic from our life as possible, and that’s particularly important to me when it comes to my daughters items that she eats and drinks out of. I had been on the hunt for a while for a plastic-free sippy cup that doesn’t leak, which turned out to be surprisingly challenging. This one fits the bill, and my girl loves it.


6. A Handmade Doll Cot

We picked up this doll bed for my daughter for Christmas and it has been in daily use ever since. Not only does she love it (most importantly!), but I also don’t mind tripping over it in our living room each day – it’s so stinking cute. The fact that it’s handmade locally certainly doesn’t hurt, nor does the fact that the maker is a talented woman running a beautiful small business.


7. A Block Print Throw Pillow 

This was another toss cushion we picked up for our living room. It’s a more cost saving option (I love mixing high and “low”) and complements the vintage one so wonderfully.


8. The Perfect Boot

I’ve been on the hunt for a comfortable boot that I can dress “up”*, or throw on with leggings to take our dog for a walk. These boots tick all of those boxes for me and then some. They’re comfortable, waterproof, easy to throw on, and cute to boot (literally). 

*I think it’s important to note that I’m in the phase of life where “dressing up”equates to jeans and a sweater – ha


9.  A Luxe Buttoned Tee

I picked up this ribbed t-shirt on a whim last summer and it quickly became one of my most worn items. It’s a thicker fabric, which I find really flattering, and it pairs beautifully with jeans, skirts, shorts… it’s so versatile.


10. A Stroller Snow Cover 

Okay so technically we purchased this one in 2020, but we’ve continued to use it so much in 2021 that it needed to make the list. While Ontario has been locked down for just about the entire winter so far, we’ve been going on a ton of walks – even in -21 degree weather – and this stroller cover ensures our daughter is toasty warm the entire time. We all love it. 


11. An Inexpensive iPhone Case 

I used to spend a ton on iPhone cases, but no more once I found these inexpensive silicone ones (they come in so many great colours, too).


12. “Clean” Mascara

I’ve been using this mascara for a few years now, but it’s still one of my all time favourite finds. It’s so challenging to find mascara that’s free of all of the harmful chemicals but still does it’s job, and this one is it. I have many (many) empties to prove it. 


13. An Incredible Dress 

My brother tied the knot in September of 2021 and after hunting for months I found this dress and instantly fell in love. It’s incredibly flattering, hugging you in all the right places, and I know it’ll be a keeper for years to come. 


14. The Cutest Book

I’m not ashamed to admit that my daughters books are as much for her as they are for me. I have so much appreciation for a beautiful story with equally lovely illustrations, and this one ticks all those boxes and then some. An instant favourite for everyone around here.


15. Fabric Barrettes for Fine Hair

My daughter has fine whispy hair that has a bit of a mind of its own. I picked up a few of these adorable barrettes for her stocking and I love them so. Not only are they cute as a button and come in the loveliest patterns, but they have little sticky pads to ensure they actually stay put. 


16. The Perfect Water Cup

At the risk of sounding dramatic, I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect water cup for years now and THIS cup has changed my life. It’s large enough that I know I only have to fill it twice a day to ensure I’m getting my minimum daily water intake, it’s dishwasher safe, plus it actually fits in a car’s cup holder. It’s wide mouth makes it easy to clean as well as stuff it full with ice (which ultimately stays cold all day). AND there’s something about the straw that has magical powers that forces me to suck it back. It’s wild!


17. A Warm Toddler Snowsuit

Since I’ve lived in Canada my entire life, it’s a fact that the only way to really enjoy our winters is to get out and actually experience them. In order to do so, investing in proper winter gear is a must. We picked up this incredibly warm snowsuit for our daughter and we’ve already had so much fun experiencing a number of snowstorms alongside her. 


18. The Cult-Followed Agolde Jeans

As I age, my interest in fast fashion has diminished significantly. I’m a huge proponent of buying fewer better things, and these jeans (which have a cult following for good reason) may just be the only jeans I’ll ever need again. 


19. A Cute Kitchen Play Set

We bought this adorable kitchen play set for our daughter’s big Christmas gift and I cant tell you how much joy its brought all of us. She’s really starting to play independently, which is so nice, and similar to her doll cot, I don’t mind this cute thing taking up real estate in our tiny Toronto living room.


20. Toddler Chair

We also set up a little work station for her in our kitchen, and these little chairs have given her so much independence. It doesn’t hurt that they, too, are wildly cute. 





Photo: Caitlin Flemming

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