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My Grown-Up Holiday Wish List

Currently Coveting: My Christmas Wishlist | lark & linenPhoto: Monika Hibbs


Growing up, the day the Sears’ toy catalogue landed on our doorstep was always a favourite. My brother and I would quickly get to work, thoughtfully picking all of the toys to add to our letters to Santa. It’s filed away under my “fond memories” folder, and to this day I still love putting together a Christmas wish list of sorts. Though we really don’t go crazy around here as far as gifts go, if I were to write a letter to the big man just for fun, this is what would undoubtedly be on it. While there sadly isn’t a tamagotchi, puppy surprise or skip bop to be found, these items are setting my grown up heart aflutter once more.  

Currently Coveting: My Christmas Wishlist | lark & linen

1. Merino Wool Hat 

I’ve been slowly incorporating more timeless, high-quality pieces into my life, and since a beanie is a wardrobe staple for a large chunk of the year in Canada, and my current hats have seen better days, this one has caught my eye


2. Organic flannel sheets 

It’s my life’s mission to incorporate ‘cozy’ into any and every situation, and I’ve heard from multiple trusted sources that these flannel sheets are simply it  


3. Agolde jeans

As I continue to update my wardrobe in a thoughtful way, I recently purchased Agolde’s cult favourite ‘Nico’ jeans and it has quickly made me a designer jean convert. I’ve heard incredible things about the Toni’s, so they’re next on my list


4. Cute Dish Brush Set 

I’m of the mindset that our every day household items should be beautiful and functional, and this dish brush happily ticks both boxes


5. Design book 

Design books are some of my favourite gifts to receive as they provide endless inspiration for years on end. This one in particular is filled with the most beautiful spaces, making its way to the very top of my holiday wish list


6. This Mini Massager

I attended a girls’ getaway weekend some time ago, and one friend brought this along because she ‘never travels without it’. After taking it for a spin, I completely understand why. My tense shoulders haven’t stopped thinking about it since


7. “Clean” Mascara 

I slowly switched out all my beauty products for those that are “clean” (you can read about that here if you’d like!) and this mascara is still such a winner. It’s the one makeup product I use almost daily, and I could always use another waiting to step in 


8. A New Water Bottle

In an effort to up my water game, I really need to pick up a larger water bottle. I love that this one is nice and simple, and has a handle for ease (though if anyone knows of any with a straw that would be amazing)


9.  Cotton Cashmere Lounge Set

I continue to spend an inordinate amount of time at home, and investing in a more elevated lounge set is feeling like a really great idea. I am obsessed with this one in particular and love that it has a hint of cashmere for added softness


10. New flats 

My flats have admitedly seen better days and they, too, need a high quality upgrade, but I’ve been putting it off because I absolutely hate breaking in shoes (ouch). I have a number of girlfriends who have these and absolutely swear by them, assuring me there is no need to break them in. I also love that they’re made of recycled water bottles as shopping consciously is proving to be more and more of a priority for me


11. Paring knife 

I pared down our kitchen a few years ago to include only the *essentials*, and while our remaining two knives (yes – two!) have done us well for a while now, I have been finding myself wishing we had a high quality paring knife as of late. This one is cute, and has great reviews


12. Strainer set

Similarly, we only have one strainer and I’m finding myself having to wash it multiple times a day as we use it constantly. A few extras would be nice! Am I the most adult who ever adulted with this request?! I feel very grown-up here


13. Alpaca scarf 

I’ve had my eye on this scarf for as long as I can remember and feel like it might be time to take the plunge


14. Painting easel 

I used to spend an inordinate amount of time painting and drawing. Lately I’ve been feeling called to pick it back up again – just for fun, with no pressure or expectations attached. It’s something I’ve been thinking about for a while, and feel like setting up a little painting station will encourage me to make it happen


15. Cast iron skillet

In an effort to up our iron intake, I’ve been cooking with a cast iron skillet. I’m really loving the experience, and would love to get my hands on a larger version for curries and stir fries


16. The Best Hot chocolate 

This stuff is on my list each and every year. Add a splash of vanilla and a pinch of salt for extra magic


17. Ribbed pullover sweater

Because look how cozy!





Photo: Monika Hibbs

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  1. karen sunday says:

    That picture of the reading window is just so beautiful!!!!

  2. Lynn says:

    You can buy a new top for the Hydro Flask that has a straw! Those jeans look so comfy, I might have to get them for myself along with the flats. Great list!

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