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The Natural Beauty Products I Swear By

Natural Beauty Products I'm Loving | lark & linen


This post has been a long (LONG!) time coming, and I want to apologize that it took me so dang long to pull it together. But the reality is that I’m fairly new to this whole natural beauty product schtick, and really wanted to properly test everything before giving it my *true* stamp of approval. If you aren’t sure where I’m coming from, or why I’ve embarked on this journey, I highly recommend you check out this post.

The TLDR: I’ve come to understand that a huge part of mental health has to do with our overall health, and if our bodies are all gunked up with chemicals (do you know that they’ve introduced over 270,000 new chemicals into our food and products since the eighties?!) our bodies cannot perform at optimal levels. I’ve spent the better part of the last year really cleaning things up around here and have found some *truly* amazing products, that definitely don’t make me feel like I’m in lack of a thing. And you guys, my mental health has never been better. Following are my current go-to all natural beauty products*.

*some of them aren’t 100% all natural, but have rated super low on the Think Dirty app 

{UPDATE: unfortunately I’ve just come to find out that the brow powder (no. 12) is actually not clean after all. I apologize for the misinformation, and will definitely update you all once I find one that IS clean! Curses!}

{UPDATE NO. 2: I HAVE FOUND THE CLEAN BROW POWDER. I repeat. I HAVE FOUND THE CLEAN BROW POWDER! It’s so, so good and can be found right here}

{UPDATE NO. 3: I’ve added a “clean beauty” page to my shop, which I will be sure to update reguarly as I stumble across new products to love}

Natural Beauty Products That Actually Work

Natural Beauty Products I'm Loving | lark & linen

1. Sugar Scrub (for baby soft skin)

2. Jade Roller (feels so good)

3. All Natural Deodorant (after much trial and error, this is the
only one that doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin. I swear by it!

4. Rose Hibiscus Face Mist | 5. Eyeshadow Palette 

6. Zoya Nail Polish (free of all the scary nail polish junk)

7. BB Cream (not cheap but it lasts forever) | 8. Shampoo | 9. Conditioner

10. Sleepy Time Face Wash | 11. Drenched Body Butter | 12. Brow Powder Duo

13. Rose Bath Tea Soak (after a long day this stuff is everything)

14. Bamboo Razor (I particularly like this one because
the razor blade refills are only $1)

15. Coconut Oil (for makeup remover & moisturizer)

16. Dry Shampoo | 17. Mascara (you’d never know it was all natural)

18. Dry Brush (to get your lymphatic system moving)

19. Cocoa Butter Stick | 20. Blush


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  1. Sandi says:

    Hi Jacquelyn! My friend recommended the eyebrow duo that you have listed and I did not buy it because the ingredients looked very suspect. I see that it is not listed on Sephora as one of their “clean” products, Can you tell me how this is a clean product, as I would love to have a reason to buy it!

    • Hey Sandi, while it’s not technically listed as a clean product, I had searched it on the Think Dirty app and it only had a rating of 2 or 3 (it was still in the green!) I was super relieved as it’s one of my favourite products of all time!

  2. carla says:

    I just love this! Keep posting about natural beauty products.

  3. Sandi says:

    Hi. I downloaded the think dirty app and the Anastasia brow shows a red rating of 8. Is this the right product? Anastasia duo eyebrow rates an 8 on the think dirty app. Am I looking at the wrong one – I hope so because I really want a clean brow powder! Please advise and thank you for your research!

    • Whaat! When I looked it up months ago it was giving me a 2 or a 3. I’m devastated to hear this (I LOVE THIS BROW POWDER) and apologize for the mixup. Let me look into this further!

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  5. Dana Clemons says:

    Absolutely love my jade roller, I use it every morning and I am addicted to my dry brush! I have tried many clean mascaras and I feel Ilia is hands down one of the best. If you are looking for a good clean brow product, I love ecobrow. They have a crayon and a wax that you apply with a brush.

    • AMAZING!! Thank you so much. I’m so sad about my other brow powder! I will have to check it out for sure. Ilya is by far my favourite clean makeup brand so far. I just picked up their foundation to try and I’m excited as I’ve heard great things!

  6. Hi there, just wanted to say, I enjoyed this blog post.

    It was inspiring. Keep on posting!

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