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The Easter Decorations I’m Eyeing

The Easter Decorations I'm Eyeing | lark & linen


Truth be told, I’ve been a bit of a holiday fanatic for as long as I can remember. I have vivid childhood memories debating between which was my favourite. I mean, Christmas involved lots of cookies and gifts, but Easter bunny shaped chocolate was a hard sell as well. I’ve just loved having things to look forward to, and adore any excuse to celebrate with the people I hold nearest. 

Since Ivy has joined our crew, the excitement levels have amplified. My parents always did such a great job of making the holidays feel special for us, and I can’t wait to make them feel just as magical for our daughter, too. I’m constantly brainstorming new traditions I want to implement, in addition to those I want to carry on. And while I’ve pretty much nailed all things Christmas, I have some work to do in the Easter department. I’m looking forward to investing in some Easter decor to help sprinkle some of that joy, and thought I’d share what I currently have my eye on. 

The Easter Decorations I'm Eyeing | lark & linen

1. Striped throw pill0w | 2. Throw blanket | 3. Woven cane pitcher

4. Heather wreath | 5. Ceramic bunnies | 6. Floral butter dish

7. Blue tapers | 8. Egg coloring kit | 9. Blue linen napkins

10. Bunny rattan chair | 11. Scalloped dishes | 12. Bunny basket

13. Plaid doormat | 14. Floral cookie cutters | 15. Nest basket

16. Fitz throw pillow





Photo: Thorsten Suedfels

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