Jan 21

Currently Coveting: Things that Spark Joy

Currently Coveting | lark & linen


A few years ago, we Marie Kondo’d just about our entire house and it was, honestly, a total game changer. Just about every space has remained organized ever since, and to date I still subscribe to the “does this item spark joy” notion when deciding whether or not to toss something, or make a new purchase. Since being off on maternity leave for the last nine months, and largely homebound (thank you, pandemic), I truly haven’t purchased much of anything for myself. But, as of late, I have found myself with the urge to update a few items in our home. Whenever this mood strikes, I like to go around and fill my virtual shopping carts with things that spark joy, and thought I’d share what I currently have my eye on.
Currently Coveting | lark & linen

1.  Del Sur Sconce | 2. Leather Wallet | 3. Dough Bowl

4. Stella Chair | 5. Enamel Tea Kettle | 6. Anya Rug

7. Danbury Bedding | 8. Carved Wood Table | 9. Nail Polish

10. Citrus & Birch Candle | 11. Stetson Table Lamp | 12. Lennox Hiker Boots

13. Cashmere Sweater




Photo: Studio McGee

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  1. Love every single one of these items!!!! Favorite is the Del Sur Sconce. Just received the Serena and Lily mailer and there is a 20% off in there somewhere! Must find………eeesh! Thanks? lol

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