Jul 24

Three Months with Ivy


Our angel-girl turned three months old on July 8th and time needs to just calm itself right down… When the pandemic hit right before Ivy’s due date, Justin took a leave of absence from work figuring we’d rather not take any chances with our newborn baby’s health. We’ve since decided that he’ll stay with us full time until September before getting back to it. We figure we likely won’t have this opportunity again. And being able to soak in the warm summer months together as a family feels incredibly special.

We’ve spent the better part of this month cottage hoping, and it’s been such a treat. As they say, it goes quickly, and while that’s proving to be true, having both of us at home to baby wrangle has also allowed us to go slow, take breaks when we need them, and really soak all of her squishiness in. It has most certainly helped ease our transition into parenthood, and has made my fourth trimester a breeze (or, as breezy as it possibly can be with a new baby, I should say).  

It’s been a big month, developmentally, for our sweet Ivy girl. While she has yet to figure out how to roll from her back to her front, she has begun rolling from her belly onto her back – anything to skip tummy time, it seems! She has also started to show serious interest in both Sage and a few key toys, and witnessing her little world expand has been so much fun.

In addition, now that all things Covid seem to be getting better up here, we’ve expanded our bubble and our girl has been able to meet all of her big cousins, and she is in awe of each one. She is completely enamoured with her dad, and their relationship fuels my soul in the most wonderful way.  And, undoubtedly my favourite new trick of hers is the big, slobbery, gummy kisses she’ll happily give out any chance she gets. We are really relishing every last moment, and I’m truly forever grateful. She is such a joy, and my heart continues to expand in ways I didn’t realize were possible. 

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  1. Sheila A Ghiglieri says:

    The most wonderful adventure of your life has just begun! Rejoice in every moment!!
    Blessings, Sheila

  2. Ivy is so so sweet! I love the monthly photos.

  3. Sheila A Ghiglieri says:

    P.S. Ivy is beautiful.

  4. Faith says:

    She is so precious!!!’

  5. Sandi says:

    It is the greatest blessing in this life to be a mama. Drink it in, every moment, your heart will be bigger than you have ever known. Ivy is so adorable; love those rolls!

  6. Peg says:

    Ivy baby girl is just adorable…and you look fantastic!! xoxo

  7. Patricia Simon says:

    Ivy is so precious and beautiful. A blessing indeed.

  8. Carol Brown says:

    How lucky are you? She is an absolute doll!

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