Aug 30

Our Day Trip to Bath & Stonehenge

bath england_2

While we had an incredible time in London (read more about why in this post riiight here, if you’d like!), the *real* reason for our trip abroad this summer was actually to reunite with some of my elementary school best friends (who now reside in Sweden!), for a week spent seaside in beautiful Cornwall. Since four of us Toronto residents toured London together, we decided it would be fun if we rented a car from there and made a bit of a road trip out of the whole ordeal. And because no road trip is complete without a series of pitstops (it’s all about the journey, after all), we thought there’d be no better time to make our way to Stonehenge, and then Bath to check em’ out in all of their glory. While Stonehenge is basically impossible to miss en route to Cornwall (and it was pretty surreal, if not a little anti-climactic, to see such a historic landmark in person), making our way to Bath did make for a tiny bit of a detour, but honestly it was absolutely worth it. 

Designated as a World Heritage city in 1987, Bath is one of the most quintessentially beautiful spots I’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting. It’s a tiny totally walkable city, which makes it utterly perfect for a day trip as you can basically take most of it in rather quickly (and effortlessly). Nevertheless, small scale aside, it’s well worth a visit. Not only were we able to stop for the loveliest lunch while basking in the sunshine at a quintessential British pub (The Marlborough Tavern!), we also had the pleasure of checking out the abbey, the circus, and the royal crescent, which were all beautiful in their own right. But the most notable part of our day was most definitely touring their Roman baths, which was an incredible experience (I’m still in awe at how well preserved they are!) If you ever have the opportunity to visit, I really do recommend it. Here is a quick peek at what you’d be getting yourself into during your day trip to bath. 

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  1. Debbie Elliott says:

    Wow – so charming. I’ve always wanted to go and you’re totally inspiring me to start planning!

  2. Aunt Donna says:

    Beautiful photos, Jacquelyn! Brings back fond memories of our trip there in 1977 for our belated honeymoon.

  3. What a beautiful and calm place.

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