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Yep, Stockholm’s Got It ALL Figured Out

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{Above: the cutest farm to table cafe}

We’ve now been back from our trip to Stockholm, Sweden for over a month now and not a day has gone by when I haven’t thought about it multiple times over. In truth, and this may sound dramatic, but it was one of the best weeks of my life thus far and I’m still getting over the fact that it’s over. Hear me out…

You see, I grew up with a group of four women whom I adore to the depths of my soul. All five of us have been close since elementary school, and they are a constant source of strength, love, and encouragement in my life. They are the salt of the earth – best of the best – and I feel beyond grateful to have them in my life. We’ve known each other intimately since the butterfly-clipped, braces clad, tear-away-wearing days – the dark ages, if you will – and you just can’t replace those roots. 

{4/5 of us + our wonderful men – reunited at last}

I think that I speak for all of us when I say that we were crushed when one of our key players decided to up and leave us when we were 17. She originally hails from Sweden, and made her way back there for university (because it’s free if you’re a citizen – obviously – they’ve got it all figured out over there). And while it is still crushing, even to this day, we were all thrilled for her and the fantastic life she’d carved out for herself.

Stockholm, Sweden

{Downtown Stockholm}

Stockholm, Sweden

{waiting for the ferry}

Cute blush and gold restaurant in Stockholm, Sweden

{cocktails at the stunning Haymarket}

Fast forward a decade or so, and another key component in our small but mighty group headed over to Stockholm for a visit. And, because life is cruel and wonderful all at once, she quickly met someone she instantly connected with. To make a long (but incredible) story short, she essentially never returned (*shakes fist at love*). While I, at first, despised this dashing gentleman who totally stole another one of my best friends away from us, he is the most incredible soul and their connection would make you weep with delight. So, naturally, while I’d love to have them all back in Canada, we’re now in five way long distance relationship and it’s a very beautiful thing. 

 White bedroom with vintage headboard

{my best friend hosted us. This was her setup when we arrived <3}

ps she rents a wonderful room in her apartment out on Air BnB (here) if you’re interested

Stockholm, Sweden

Pizza restaurant in Stockholm, Sweden

{lunch at Giro’s pizza}

If you’re still with me, you’re the best! I’m getting to the point, I swear. So those two wildly in love folks I just mentioned? Well they tied the knot in Stockholm this summer, which gave us the ultimate excuse to have all our feet planted on the same soil – something that hasn’t happened in years. An entire week under the same roof with my favourite people on the planet? It was soul satisfying in a way that I can’t quite describe. I mean, watching one of my humans marry her literal soulmate alone will do that to you. 

Drottingham Palace Stockholm, Sweden

{Drottingholm Palace}

Drottingham Palace, Stockholm

Drottingholm Palace

{the Palace library}

Drottingholm Palace Stockholm, Sweden

{Sadly, we didn’t get a single photo of all 5 of us together. Next time}

Garden in Sweden

Drottingholm Palace

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Swedish fireplace

Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm, Sweden

{the symmetry still makes my heart flutter}

Seeing as we were essentially there for the wedding, the week was primarily spent partaking in wedding related activities, all while playing catch up with my people. So I apologize as this won’t be a travel guide so much as my own personal journal. That said, to make up for it, our Swedish counterparts are all actually in the restaurant business, and we wined and dined like literal kings and queens. So I may not have a list of the best things to do while in Stockholm (other than visiting the Drottingholm Palace, which we DID do, and it WAS beautiful), but I do expect an A+ on the food and drink portion of the agenda. I’ve shared where we ate, where we drank, and what’s not to miss below.

Farm to table restaurant Stockholm, Sweden

{rosendal – an incredible farm to table cafe}

Farm to table restaurant in Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm, Sweden

Farm to table restaurant Stockholm, Sweden

Garden in Stockholm, Sweden

But before I leave you, I did want to mention that Stockholm, in general, is a pretty magical place. From six hour work days, to the two-year parental leave, to the spic and span streets (I swear you could eat off the subway floors), to the sheer abundance of design inspiration*, to the food scene, and beyond it’s an inspiring place that I’m looking forward to exploring further many times over.

*the emphasis on symmetry virtually everywhere you look is the most satisfying thing for any of my type A-ers out there

The changing of the guards in Stockholm, Sweden

{the changing of the guards}

Beautiful chocolate packaging

{the most beautiful packaging}

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Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm, Sweden

Cute restaurant in Stockholm, Sweden

{an incredible, healthy, lunch spot: Doktor Mat}

Restaurant patio in Stockholm, Sweden

Thai restaurant in Stockholm, Sweden

{Farang: my best friend’s husband’s restaurant, and likely the best thai food you’ll ever have}




My best friend, Jess, actually hosted all of us for the week. She lives about
25 minutes outside the city centre, but is a 4 minute walk to the
subway that takes you smack downtown. You can actually
rent one of her rooms on Air BnB here
– she is the actual best. 


My best friend’s husband, Kim’s, Thai restaurant. He’s 
previously worked at some of the best restaurants in the world,
and is beyond talented. As in – his food is always the best food
I’ve ever eaten in my entire life. It’s a joy to experience his work.

Doktor Mat:
Jess is the head chef at Doktor Mat. They specialize
in take out and quick meals that are full of flavour yet incredibly healthy.
I can safely say there is no bias here. I highly recommend it
(bonus: it’s totally adorable in an Instagrammable way)

Kungsgatan 25:
A high-end food court – perfect for meals on the go
that don’t lack in quality or taste

Jim Lim:
This is Kim’s rice & noodle bar. Located in the Kungsgatan 25
food court, it’s a quick take on his incredible dishes –
they’re all packed full of flavour but the massaman
chicken was a winner for all of us

The place to go for Swedish meatballs

Giro Pizza:
Fabulous thin-crust, italian style, pizza

The original farm to table restaurant set in the
most incredible greenhouse & garden
Just get their cinnamon buns and thank me later



The perfect location for a well concocted cocktail in the most beautiful art deco bar
(note: it’s also a hotel – stunning design and in a great location)

Mr. French
A beautiful spot with fantastic cocktails & a great rooftop patio

Much like the other two, they make a mean cocktail. The bar itself is beautiful as well –
relaxed, unpretentious, but still thoughtfully pulled together


Kanelbulle – they have mastered the cinnamon bun

Toast Skagen – prawns on toast loaded with dill – it is next level good

Smoked or pickled herring – the Swedes kill the herring, let me tell you

Västerbotten cheese – I legitimately dream about this stuff. It’s a harder cow’s milk
cheese that will literally make a cheese lover weep it’s so delicious

Meatballs with lingonberry sauce – obviously

Semla – a pastry filled with almond paste & whipped cream







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  1. What a beautiful photos! Magnifique!

  2. Mom says:

    Wow!! How beautiful. There must be an organized soul inside of me somewhere because I too love the symmetry and organization.
    How lovely to see my little girls all together having a great time with their wonderful partners…

  3. Christine says:

    These pictures are amazing! Thank you for sharing. I want to go to Stockholm now!

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