Aug 12

Monday Musings

Monday Musings | lark & linen
Happy monday! I hope you had a lovely weekend. This is the first one in a while where we’ve literally had nothing on the docket and it felt so good to hang around the city all weekend long with no real plans in sight. As always, here are a few links I’m loving lately… 

:: I’m so intrigued by human design
:: This girl “time travelled” and I loved it
:: Monika’s strawberry drink tags are the cutest
:: A super informative graphic (I weirdly learned so much!)
:: I recently picked up this blouse and can’t get over how flattering it is
:: My friend Caitlin’s book is coming out soon, and I can’t WAIT. Her style is literal perfection
:: If you have a period,  I highly recommend following Claire Baker on instagram #lifechanging

Image: Life on Virginia Street

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