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Packing Light: What I’m Packing for England

Packing Light: What I'm Packing for EnglandSHOP THE POST:

We take off for our trip to London and Cornwall (side note: you guys left the most amazing comments on that post, I just adore you) in just a couple of short weeks and being the most type-A there ever was, I’ve already started making lists of what I’m going to bring. Justin and I have recently started travelling with carry-ons alone, and while it has made packing slightly more difficult, it has been a massive game changer when it comes to the actual travel portion of our trip. Not being bogged down with stuff in addition to breezing through airports and never worrying about a lost bag is a dream, but it definitely comes with some challenges. This go around we’ll be doing a week in England and a week in Paris, so two vastly different landscapes and experiences to pack for. But I figure if we can do three weeks in Africa in a carry on this will be a breeze. Right? My approach: picking a single colour palette and largely sticking to it so that everything is super mix and matchable. Plus wearing all bulkier items on the plane because, let’s be honest, every single square inch of suitcase real estate is precious. Here’s what I’m thinking for the British portion of our vacation…


Packing Light: What I'm Packing for Cornwall | lark & linen

As an aside, I own, and stand by, every last one of these items (with the exception of the rain coat, which I’m still contemplating pulling the trigger on – a raincoat is essential for England, right?) The carry on, leather tote (it has a zipper! a travel must), and white square neck cami (so comfortable, inexpensive, and FLATTERING!) are especially great. Also, if you don’t own a Third Love bra, you need to get on that, stat. This isn’t sponsored (though that is an affiliate link), I am truly a devoted fan. I just ordered two more, and have since kicked all others to the curb – sayonara! 

1. Trench Raincoat | 2. White Tee | 3. Linen Crop Pants

4. Tie-Front Tank Top | 5. Rollneck Sweater | 6. Pajamas

7. Eyeglasses | 8. Point Sur Jeans | 9. Umbrella

10. Selvedge Jeans | 11. Carry On Suitcase | 12. White Dress

13. Leather Purse | 14. Leather Ballet Flats | 15.  Gingham Swimsuit

16. White Sneakers | 17. Blue Stripe Dress | 18. Gold Hoops

19. Cashmere Pants | 20. Waffle Knit Top | 21. Square Neck Bra Cami

22. T-Shirt Bra | 23. Long Cardigan | 24. Jean Shorts | 25. Leather Tote


Photo: Erica Choi

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  1. I, too, have been traveling with a carry-on. I spent 2 weeks in Japan with just a carry-on and it was PERFECT! My packing was guided by the 10×10 capsule collection approach. Easy breezy!
    If you’d like to see…
    My packing list:
    What I wore photo diary:
    I packed a duffle for souvenirs I picked up near the end of my trip. I’d recommend this!

  2. Kate says:

    Yes to a raincoat!! Maybe some boots (chelsea or bootie style) as well? Layers are great because if they get hit with a “heat wave” there’s no AC anywhere so it can get uncomfortable. Have fun!!

  3. Effie says:

    You might want to reconsider the really light/summery stuff. Don’t know if they’ll keep you warm even with layering…Years ago I went to Edinburgh in the summer (which I know is further north) and even though it was late July/early Aug. I had to go out and buy myself some sweaters! Adore the Uk though & am sure you’ll love it too, if you haven’t been. Enjoy! And…safe travels!

  4. Perfect choices. Although I prefer a light coat with a hood for England.
    Also, I reposted your Love Potion Cocktail.

  5. Erin says:

    What a coincidence! I live in London and just got back from a holiday in Cornwall. I had a look at the comments on your previous post and see you got more recommendations for London than Cornwall, so here are some for the latter. I think you would really like Cream of Cornwall – a great interior shop headquartered in Falmouth but with a shop in St Ives as well (I’d recommend the Porthmeith Beach Cafe as a place to eat in St Ives). On that note, Falmouth is worth a visit – I’d recommend walking right to the end of the high street as there are some lovely little antique and curio shops there, although be aware that most are closed on Mondays (this is also true of many restaurants in Cornwall). I think you would particularly like the “Beside the Wave” gallery in Falmouth. There are also some really great antique and curio shops in Redruth – the Art Deco boutique is incredible and I found lots of great stuff at a very crowded (but super-cheap) curio shop a few doors down, although you have to be prepared to spend some time looking. If you’re looking for antiques they are way cheaper in Cornwall than London.

  6. KarenJ says:

    I’ve been travelling carry on only for years regardless of the length of my vacation. It’s a great, fun challenge to pack. The single colour palette strategy is definately key. My biggest challenge is ALWAYS footwear!! Shoes are so bulky and take up A LOT of suitcase real estate. It’s so hard to find something that combines comfort with style! It’s my ongoing mission – that perfect combo.

  7. I love all the grey pieces. I would add some more navy and gold accents. I like the idea of keeping the pieces uniform in aesthetic. It keeps the looks clean, classic, and functional.

    Happy Monday 💐

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