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Please Help!

Please Help! Advice Needed for My Upcoming Trip to London & Cornwall | lark & linen
Alright you guys, I posted one of these pleas when we were headed to Portugal a few years ago and we legitimately planned the vast majority of our trip based on your recommendations, which was so much fun (you can check em’ out here, if you’d like). So I’m back again to shamelessly ask for your advice once more… We’re officially headed to London & Cornwall this summer, and I absolutely can’t wait. Justin and I will have a few nights together in London, before meeting our friends in Cornwall where we rented a stone cottage in a tiny coastal town. I’d love to know. Have you been? If so, please leave a comment with your very best advice! Tips, tricks, must-sees, can’t misses, and (perhaps most importantly) where to eat. I’ll love you forever <3


Please Help! Advice Needed for My Upcoming Trip to London & Cornwall | lark & linenPlease Help! Advice Needed for My Upcoming Trip to London & Cornwall | lark & linenPlease Help! Advice Needed for My Upcoming Trip to London & Cornwall | lark & linenPlease Help! Advice Needed for My Upcoming Trip to London & Cornwall | lark & linenPlease Help! Advice Needed for My Upcoming Trip to London & Cornwall | lark & linenPlease Help! Advice Needed for My Upcoming Trip to London & Cornwall | lark & linen

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  1. Of course, you’ll be doing some hikes on the coastline. Bracing but amazing. Pack good hiking shoes/boots and a heavy windbreaker.

  2. Amy says:

    Afternoon tea at sketch in London is an absolute must! Endless food and great, quirky ambiance!

  3. Lyndsay K says:

    Ye Old Cheshire Cheese is a little touristy but still a super cool pub in central London to check out. When you walk in there are stairs to the left, go downstairs to have a drink it’s super cool underground! I actually also really enjoyed seeing the Churchill War Rooms, my husband wanted to go but it was super fascinating and I ended up enjoying it too!

  4. Joanne Rodino says:

    Everytime I am in LondonI go to these places. I hope you enjoy your time away.
    Champagne and Fromage in Covent Garden, 22 Wellington St – A tiny wine shop with a few table tucked away.
    If you like Indian food, I highly suggest Dishoom. I have been to the one in Covent Garden, 12 Upper St. Matin’s Lane. I am quite fond of the Covent Garden area.
    Also tea at Kensington Palace is fabulous. The space is light and airy. The service was wonderful and the tea and food were delectable. They also offer gluten free options.

  5. Peg says:

    Sadly, I’ve never been! Please share more about the stone coastal cottage!! xoxo

  6. Sheila Pauls says:

    There is so much with London! I would say, book afternoon tea, or frankly any meal, at the Wolseley. If you love history, the Churchill War Rooms are quite fascinating as well as both the Tower of London and Westminster Abbey (kind of goes without saying). If you enjoy hopping on a bike for a bike tour, we really loved Fat Tire Bike Tours. We did the one that goes through the various parks.

  7. Phyllis Richard says:

    Try this blog.
    Have a great time. Phyllis

  8. Kait says:

    I love London & Cornwall! It’s been a while since I visited, but I used Aspiring Kennedy’s travel guide — I loved all her recommendations. Her London one is here:

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  10. Devlin says:

    I was in Cornwall for a week last Spring!! It was incredible, especially if you like rugged coastal walks and seafood. We were staying in Polzeath and explored the coast from Tintagel down to St Ives. Definitely explore Tintagel Castle, Polzeath is great for surfing, Tate St Ives was great, Padstow has amazing restaurants and we treated ourselves to a Michelin star meal at Restaurant Nathan Outlaw in Port Isaac which was spectacular!

    I shared our trip if you want to read more:

  11. Astrid says:

    London is my favourite place ever! I’ll be heading there this Christmas so will keenly be looking out for a post from you once you get back. Sounds like you’ll be ther ekn time for the Dior exhibition at the V&A, which is magical if that is your thing. Their coffee culture is also amazing, so make sure you don’t only visit Nottinghill but Shoreditch as well. Most museums are free, so the V&A, British Museum and Natural History (for architecture) are all worth seeing depending on your interests. And don’t miss unique shops like Fortnum & Mason, Liberty and Petersham Nurseries. Hope you love London even a tiny bit as much as I do. I found it so charming!

  12. Jenn says:

    We’re in London right now and it’s fantastic! Be prepared not to see Big Ben in all its glory though – it’s undergoing renovations until 2021 so it’s completely covered in scaffolding, as well as part of the roof of the parliament buildings. We were sad to find that out once we got here, so I thought I’d pass on the news! There are so many other great places to see that more than make up for it though. We really enjoyed wandering around Camden Town (checkout The Mac Factory) and while definitely a touristy attraction, the Harry Potter studio tour is an absolute must if you’re a fan!

  13. Naveen says:

    London is amazing – there’s so much to see! Portobello Road’s antique market is a must for you, Kew Gardens to see inspiring gardens (I go every time I go to London), the V&A Museum (and all of the other free museums – Tate Modern, British Museum, etc.), Liberty London especially for the antique rug section upstairs. If you can find a way to visit a castle in Kent, I’d visit Leeds Castle (it is absolutely spectacular!!). For eating… Dishoom for Indian food, Hawksmoor (Covent Garden) for steaks, and Berners Tavern is so beautiful! Pergola on the Roof has OK food, but it has a cool vibe!

  14. Danielle says:

    I went to London for the first time last October and I absolutely loved it. Get an Oyster card and use the tube, it’s incredibly efficient and the train stations/set up is really easy to follow (especially with the aid of Google Maps). I stayed in Shoreditch and it was great, lots of international cuisines and street art to look at. It’s been compared to Brooklyn and I agree, a little gentrified but still a lot of character. I also recommend hitting up Neal’s Yard in Covent Garden, it’s a hidden little courtyard with lots of shops and gorgeous colors. Great for photos! If you like cats, I also highly recommend Lady Dinah’s Cat Cafe in Shoreditch (book in advance, though).

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