May 8

Currently Coveting

Currently Coveting | lark & linen


Alright you guys, the sun has been *mostly* shinning for the better part of the last few days and I am officially convinced that winter is long behind us (did I just jinx it? I’m sure I did…) At any rate, I clearly have sunshine on the brain these days, as is reflected in this months “currently coveting” picks. Everything from a faux* lemon tree, to the softest lightweight sweater, to the cutest romper (maybe ever), here are a few beautiful things I currently have stuffed in my virtual shopping carts…

*speaking of faux lemon trees, I used to be vehemently against faux flowers and plants of any variety. But our old dark home (and my special ability to kill even the hardiest of plants) has converted me. I now believe that faux greenery is better than no greenery at all, and for that I’m ALL about that low maintenance life. You just want to make sure that they’re good fauxs is all, and this lemon tree is particularly good. #endrant

Currently Coveting | lark & linen

1. Jumpsuit | 2. Diamond Curve Necklace | 3. Burl Box

4. Leather Stool  | 5. Faux Lemon Tree | 6. Sweatshirt 

7.  Sunglasses | 8. Butterscotch Pillow | 9. Leather Headband

10. Yates Chair | 11. Concrete Planter | 12. Havana Sconce

13. French Stripe Pillow | 14. High-Neck Tank | 15. Figure Sketch | 16. Linen Throw


Photo: Studio McGee

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  2. Hannah says:

    Oh my, that jumpsuit! These are such lovely picks.

    Hannah /

  3. Joanna says:

    Faux plants have come a long way. I would not have even considered them a year ago but now I have two, one in each guest room. I would forget to water plants in those two rooms, as I seldom go in them.
    The jumpsuit is cute, cute, cute!

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