Apr 29

Monday Musings

Monday Musings | lark & linen

Happy Monday, friends! We had a baby shower and a wedding to attend this weekend. I’m a little people’d out, to be completely honest, but it was so lovely having so many wonderful things to celebrate. I am, however, looking forward to a bit of a lower key work week (fingers crossed, anyway!) To kick it off, here are a few links (and things!) I’m loving (including a new to me show on Netflix I cannot get enough of)…
:: These 30 min meals for 2 sound legit
:: How a plastic water bottle becomes a sofa
:: I’ve finally found a natural mascara I actually like
:: 8 positive things that may be making you unhappy
:: My current favourite  natural shampoo (it actually works)
:: This show on Netflix needs to be added to your list, immediately
:: This morning routine will save you 20 hours a week (apparently)
:: My sweet friend just had a new baby, and this photo is killing me (THE SWEETEST!)


Photo: Gather Projects

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  1. Cathy says:

    Can you recheck the link to the Netflix show or tell us what it is? I can’t get it to open Thanks

  2. Talia says:

    Love this list!
    Quick note. When I tried to click on the Netflix link, it was broken. Now I’m even more curious as to the show you’re watching on Netflix!!

  3. Jody K says:

    The link is broken for me. I am dying to know your recommendation on Netflix. What is it please? And thank you.

  4. Wendy says:

    It’s not on Netflix. :(

  5. Suzan says:

    Great list! The link to the shampoo is not working. Sephora says the product is not carried. Could you let us know what it’s called?

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