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Five Details That Instantly Make A Space Feel High End

Five Small Design Details That Have Huge Impact | lark & linenI know I’ve preached about the importance of details over the years, and after almost thirteen years in the industry there are a few that I, personally, feel are of utmost importance. These are the babies that truly set one space apart from another. Sadly most of them aren’t items that can be easily rectified after the fact, so they’re something to think about if you’re planning a renovation, or look for if you currently find yourself house hunting. Following are five details that instantly make a space feel high end.

[break]Window sills

Five Small Design Details That Have Huge Impact | lark & linenPhoto: Victoria Hagan Interiors via Studio Mcgee

The little detail that is the window sill matters, and it’s often the first to go when cutting corners (many builders are notorious for skipping this one). When a window only has window casings but no sill to die into it just looks like a small, yet mighty, piece of the puzzle is missing. That little ledge holds a lot of power, it seems!

[break]Casings on Door Openings

Five Small Design Details That Have Huge Impact | lark & linenPhoto: Beth Webb Interiors

Much like the window sill, ensuring that your door openings are framed out with door casing (in lieu of finished in drywall alone) instantly elevates the entire room. The good news here is this one is usually pretty easy to add without too much muss or fuss even after the fact, too. In this example, they’ve really stepped their game up with a transom window (that little panel of glass above the door opening) – which isn’t necessary, but it most definitely doesn’t hurt if ceiling heights allow. 

[break]Mix of Pulls & Knobs

Five Small Design Details That Have Huge Impact | lark & linenPhoto: Amy Bartlam via Homepolish

Much like adding door casings to door openings, this one is usually pretty easy to do without much effort as well. This isn’t always the case, of course (design is so subjective that way). But when all of the hardware in the space is the same, it’s usually a pretty big giveaway that it wasn’t professionally designed. I typically use knobs for cabinets, small pulls for drawers, and larger pulls for pantry doors. Mixing them up instantly makes a space feel more thoughtful and intentional. 

[break]End Panels on Millwork

Five Small Design Details That Have Huge Impact | lark & linen
Photo: Stoffer Photography for Julie Howard

I’m of the firm belief that the exposed end gables of all millwork (kitchens, islands, built-in bookshelves…) should be just as thoughtfully built and designed as the rest of the cabinetry. This attention to detail is truly what sets one space apart from the next (I’m looking at you, Ikea kitchens*!)

*note: there are so many great ways to make an Ikea kitchen look significantly more luxe, but I’ll never get over the flat end gables and won’t use them in a space where there are any exposed

[break]Ceiling Details[break]

Five Small Design Details That Have Huge Impact | lark & linen
Photo: Alexander & Co via Desire to Inspire

Whether you finish it off with crown moulding, clad it in tin, install beams, or paint it an unexpected colour, the ceiling is your 5th wall and it can completely transform a space, if given the opportunity. 

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  1. Nicole says:

    Where do you recommend shopping for drawer pulls and knobs?

  2. Ashley says:

    My husband and I are renovating our home and I would love to do a ceiling treatment on our main floor. It’s open concept (although there is some definite separation between the spaces) but the ceilings are only 8ft. I worry that a ceiling treatment might make the ceilings seem even lower. Any recommendations?

  3. Mary Vogen says:

    Love this blog. Question. I live at the ocean. My bedrooms need some help. Trying to decide if I should add shiplap, VJ to walls and or to ceiling? How to decide. My bedrooms are decent sized and have large doorways leading to balconies with ocean views.

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