Oct 31

Quick Design Tip: How High do you Hang Art?

Alright you guys, I’ve been getting a lot of feedback from you lately, and I’ve noticed that a lot of you are looking for more design content. I thought it’d be fun to introduce a new series entitled “quick design tip” wherein I respond to commonly asked questions in really simple, easy, digestible ways. Today’s topic: How High do you Hang Art? 

Quick Design Tip: How High Do You Hang Art? | lark & linen

In addition to this being done incorrectly more often than not, it may actually be my biggest design pet peeve. How high to hang art is one of those little things that, when done wrong, instantly makes a room feel off kilter. The good news, however, is it’s quite easy to fix!

If there is nothing below the art, meaning it is placed on a plain wall without furniture underneath it, the rule of thumb is to hang it at eye level. It should measure about 5′ (or 60″) from the floor, to the centre of your frame. If you have multiple frames stacked one on top of each other, measure all of your frames as a “whole”, and mount them 60″ from the centre of the “whole” to the floor. It’s a tried and true method that has yet to set me astray. 

Quick Design Tip: How High Do You Hang Art? | lark & linen

If this is a series you may be interested in let me know! Next I’m thinking of sharing how things change, and what you should do, when you have furniture below the art you want to hang. 

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  1. Steph says:

    I like the idea of the ‘quick design tip’ and I love the first topic! This has always been a challenge as I am 5′ 10” tall and my husband is 6′ 4” tall so our eye level is a little different! Thank you!

  2. Trish says:

    Love more practical tips like this!

  3. Samantha says:

    I LOOOOOOVE this idea! Quick tips are so helpful! Curtain height/placement or area rug rules would be an awesome idea too!

  4. Joanna says:

    It’s a pet peeve of mine too! Another, is dead leaves on a plant. I find myself pinching them off.
    A design question – how high should you hang a mirror over a mantel? A few inches to be part of any vignette? Centred on the wall between mantel and ceiling? But, then if your ceiling is very high, what to do?

  5. Elizabeth Jessee Katz says:

    I would love some tips and links on bed styling without breaking the bank. Even better if it’s candian sources!

  6. Louise Chochla says:

    Great idea..I can use all of the help I can get.

  7. Dfa says:

    Yes yes yes my all in for “how to’s” on design content. Hoping you continue this as a regular feature of your blog

  8. Hanging high means you are hanging the wall art to the certain of height which is high enough to hold. You will need ladders and big stool to carry out your hanging task. Make sure you have all those equipment and accessories which will help you to hang your art easily without getting fallen and damaged anytime soon.

  9. very useful as I am getting ready to hang some artwork and pictures in my new office and I was struggling with the height at which to hang them. Thank you

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