Jan 16

Currently Coveting

Currently Coveting | lark & linen


We’ve officially entered that weird, semi-dark period where the holidays are far enough behind us, but spring still feels like it’s way too far away. This, my friends, is when I officially enter full hibernation mode. The one in which I binge on all the netflix, organize all of the drawers, and bake all of the healthy things, all while wrapping myself in all of the blankets while wearing all the hats. So with that in mind, following are a few beautiful things I’m currently coveting, to help get us over this seemingly endless winter hump! 

ps – I took the plunge and ordered the cashmere sweatpants (shown below!). They arrived yesterday and they are everything I ever dreamed of and more (plus, they’re weirdly flattering?)

Currently Coveting | lark & linen

1. Serving Bowls | 2. Striped Pajamas | 3. Hand Soap Duo

4. Dipped Vase | 5. Olive Sweater | 6. Pruning Shears

7. Market Basket | 8. Faux Olive Tree | 9. Wooden Cookbook Stand

10. Plaid Hand Towel | 11. Parchment Books | 12. Cashmere Sweatpants

13. Shearling Slippers | 14. Hans Throw Pillow | 15. Pinstripe Throw


Photo: Birdcage Walk

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  1. I’ve been eyeing those cashmere pants. Debating…

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