Dec 6

Our Christmas Decor Inspiration (+ How You Can Get The Look)

Our Christmas Decor Inspiration | lark & linen
Inspiration from Zevy Joy


First and foremost, I wanted to thank you guys for all the love on our Christmas home tour post (if you missed that, you can check it out right here!) I have to admit, it’s been so nice drinking my morning tea snuggled with Sage in front of the tree. And while I decorated way earlier than normal this year, just to ensure I could get the post up and out in good time, it’s felt really really nice to have that line item ticked off of my holiday to do list. And now we can just sit back and enjoy every minute. My sister, who is vehemently opposed to anything festive prior to December 1st, will not be pleased to hear this, but I’m thinking the holiday decor may come out early November every year from here on out, and I encourage you to join me. 
At any rate, I thought I’d rewind and take a look back at where we began. I mentioned that our holiday decor theme this year was inspired by a “whimsical woodland”, and before I even began to plan a thing I took to Pinterest to brainstorm the overall vibe. I thought it might be fun and or beneficial to share where we began! Here’s a peek at some of the original inspiration images I pulled (which I do before starting any project), and thought it’d be helpful to break it all down for you below. Enjoy!

stocking christmas
Inspiration from Studio McGee

Our Christmas Decor Inspiration | lark & linen
Inspiration from Proverbs 31 Girl

whimsical woodland christmas




1. Star ornaments | 2. Bergamot candle | 3. (The most beautiful) wreath | 4. Cute door mat | 5. Cedarwood candle | 6. Linen stocking | 7. Wood trees | 8. Christmas soap | 9. Linen cushion with tassels | 10. Linen pillow | 11. Wood coasters | 12. Bells | 13. Garland | 14. Star pillow | 15. Tree skirt | 16. Faux mini trees | 17. Plaid pillow | 18. Cedar candle (by far my favourite Christmas candle!)


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