Mar 16

Scenes from my Week

baby boyI had a little bit of a heart attack this week when I heard that, four months before our wedding no less, our venue is CLOSED with no warning. After a few frantic phone calls, I was informed that the venue is actually still open for private events, so were safe, they’re simply closed to the public – thank goodness. A little heads up would have been nice, but I’m just grateful that we’re still good to go! We’re picking out our wedding bands this afternoon, our maid of honour dress samples arrived earlier this week, as did our calligraphy for our envelopes. Needless to say, we’re quickly venturing into the all things wedding territory and I’m (mostly) loving it, ha! Here’s a quick peek at some of the highlights of my week in photos. I hope you all have a lovely weekend <3

{ABOVE: playing hooky to pinch my nephew’s cheeks}
beach bag{the prettiest new beach bag for our upcoming vacation}

Bag: Ellen & James – similar here
custom stamps

{our custom stamps (!!) for our wedding invites (!!)}

Ribbon: Etsy
marble tile sample

{finalizing a presentation for 7 bathrooms (plus a mudroom and laundry room!)}

Rug: Armadillo & Co. 

romantic bidesmaid dress

{Maid of Honour dress samples}

Dresses: BHLDN

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  1. Those dresses are beyond beautiful!

  2. Amy says:

    You have lovely taste. I adore every single picture and item. I’d be thrilled to have a bridesmaid dress like those. :)

  3. Jill wolder says:

    Looks like a dress for prom. Appropriate for a teenager. Pretty tacky for a maid of honor.

  4. Peg Allegretto says:

    Just gorgeous, everything!! xo

  5. Jane Wilder says:

    @Jill Wolder – where did that come from? The dresses are beautiful! If they are not to your personal taste, i suggest you say nothing at all. Why crush the excitement of someone else (over their wedding no less) over a petty comment like that?

    And Jacquelyn, dont worry about the people who aren’t happy for you, they probably aren’t happy for themselves.

    • Aw thanks, Jane! I’m not fussed about it but really appreciate the support. She comments on virtually every one of my posts (for a couple of years now – it’s very odd) and they’re all snarky. They usually filter straight to spam but this one must have snuck through. I just know that happy people don’t spend their time trying to bring other people down. So, if anything, I just feel sorry for her and hope she can find some peace and happiness.

  6. Kathleen Z says:

    You have wonderful taste. I think the stamps are a nice personal touch to the invitations. Shows hoe much you care and delight in all detail large and small. I have been to very expensive wedding here in the US , to say the least. Your vision and taste for your wedding is quite lovely. The other woman has a small mind and a hardened heart. Your day will be all that you hoped for.

  7. Nikki says:

    What a beautiful week, happy monday!

  8. Sydney M says:

    Some people are just so jealous. I would imagine she has a miserable life because of it. Keep up the amazing work and positive attitude!!! I love those dresses, makes me wish I had some something unique for my maid of honor! Also… my venue did this to me too, but they sent out a letter saying due to permitting issues they were shutting down – mass panic and tears – luckily later they decided to honor those who had already booked with them but it was a horrible scare!

  9. Pooja says:

    Beautiful dresses! Question if you don’t mind. The patterned tile on the right – where can I find. I have some that are similar but larger. I need some smaller ones to fit a small fireplace surround. I do live in GTA. Thank you!!

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