Feb 26

Monday Musings

santoriniPhoto: Jen Huang

Happy Monday, everyone! As always, here are a few links I’m loving lately…

:: The prettiest swimsuit. Maybe ever.
:: 7 ways to repurpose old blog content
:: The perfect house for your zodiac sign
:: These are making me want to up my pj game
:: The sweetest post, ever (it still makes me tear up)
:: The best investments you can make to grow your blog
:: Why we need to stop shaming women for spending money
:: And in light of Friday’s post, three changes I’d also like to make to improve my mental health

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  1. chloe says:

    I was browsing through the back end of my blog and saw this post referral, thank you so much!!! Thank you for being the most kind and generous friend. You are truly amazing!

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