Oct 17

Stop What You’re Doing and Tour This Incredible Century Old Home



I’m currently in the middle of designing a kitchen with sky-high ceilings, and while trying to work out the cabinet logistics I stumbled upon the kitchen (above). That rolling ladder? It is so darn good, and literally exactly what I’m after. It has since inspired all sorts of other beautiful details and moving parts for said project and I’m pretty pumped. But naturally, I couldn’t stop there. This kitchen spoke to me so deeply, that I knew the rest must be just as lovely. And alas, I was not wrong. And I’d be doing the universe a disservice if I didn’t share it with you today…

hie0317r-hr5955-59098-ts-e1491532386757 hie0317r-hr5949-59098-ts-e1491532373214 hie0317r-hr5919-59098-ts-e1491532333794 hie0317r-hr5937-59098-ts-e1491532361186 hie0317r-hr6097-59098-ts-e1491532450301 sunset-home-tour-on-apt34 sunset-home-tour-on-apt34-2 hie0317r-hr5983-59098-ts-e1491532400524 hie0317r-hr6029-59098-ts-e1491532436519 hie0317r-hr6017-59098-ts-e1491532425369 hie0317r-hr5997-59098-ts-e1491532413625Interior Design: Lynn K. Leonidas | Interior Styling: Bianca Sotelo | Photography: Thomas J. Story | Found: Apartment 34

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  1. The kitchen rolling ladder is genius! As a short person, I feel like it would improve any kitchen. Now I want a kitchen with incredibly tall ceilings just for an excuse to use it.

  2. Carolyn says:

    Nice but how the heck would you get into the cabinets blocked by the ladder. Ladder appears to be boxed into corner and blocked by range hood?

  3. Wowza! This is beautiful. Love the tile in the bathroom.

  4. Bobbi says:

    I have always wanted a kitchen with a ‘library’ ladder. I love it!

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