Oct 16

Currently Covetting: A Few Cozy Things You Need This Fall

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Fall has officially decided to make its debut around lately and I, for one, am thrilled. I’m not sure if you can tell (ha!), but it’s my favourite time of the year. I love the crisp air, falling leaves, good hair days, hot tea, and cozy knits that go hand and hand with the season. While I am absolutely not about encouraging consumption simply for the sake of consumption, I have, recently, picked up a few little treats for myself as of late to really up my fall game and they’ve simply made me happy so I thought I’d share. This (super inexpensive) blush jacket from Forever 21 (am I still allowed to shop there?) has recently become mine and I love it with my whole being. In addition, this thermal knit is my newest addition and it is legitimately the coziest, softest shirt in all the land. Here are a few other things I have my eye on this month…

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Image Source Above | Makeup Palette | Blanket | Bootie | Faucet | Poof | Fall Dish Soap | Spatula | Pink Turtleneck | Chair | Black Hat | Copper Pot | Blush Jacket | Pink Blanket | Grey Sweater | Blush Shoes | Purple Thermal Top (It’s SO soft) | Wood & Gold Bowl | Sweater with Knot | Blush Slides | Chanel Perfume

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  1. Doris Goldberg says:

    The “Shop My Closet” is a great idea. Are there links to the specific items or do we need to go to each website and look for the items we like? When I click on the items I get no shopping information, it goes directly to my Pinterest board and asks me what I want to say about the pin. Am I missing something?

    • Hey Doris! I’m so sorry – I’m not entirely sure why that is but you’re definitely not the only one. It seems to be working for me! Do you mind letting me know what browser you’re using? In the meantime, I’m going to update the post to have text links as well. So sorry for the frustration!

  2. Colleen says:

    Anytime I attemp to shop your posts I get redirected to Pinterest. Any insight?

  3. Lindsay says:

    Same here. I get redirected to Pinterest and can’t shop your posts

  4. Genya says:

    Really nice Post! I can’t wait to get all cozy this fall and just enjoy it! :)

  5. So sorry Lindsay – take a peek at the messages above. Thank you for letting me know about this glitch!

  6. Rebecca Neustel says:

    I’ve found if you click directly on the item, the link goes to Pinterest, but if you click just above it, the link works correctly (for me, anyway).

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