Aug 15

Warm White At Home

pretty bedroom

I vividly remember stumbling across this home tour on Sacramento Street back in February, and I haven’t been able to get it out of my mind since. It is, admitedly, a little more modern than the homes I’m typically drawn to, but it’s the colour palette in particular that I can’t get enough of. Lately I find myself straying away from the cool, crisp, white homes of years past, in exchange for those of a warmer ivory variety. The black, the ivory, and the rich wood tones in this particular place are striking a chord with me, and I simply can’t get enough. 

white leather modern chairs neutral living room bar neutral dining room daybed wallpaper black white bedroom

Photography: Acre Creative

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  1. I love a nice white clean room, being a professional painter and decorator I can really appreciate work like this.

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