Jul 19

Our Dining Room Design Plans

dining roomOur dining room has, admittedly, acted as a bit of a catch all during our constant renovations and alterations over the course of the last year. It’s been everything but pretty, ranging from hoarder status, to total minimalist, and back again ten times over. And while we have piecemealed together objects for the odd dinner party here and there over the last 365 days, they’ve been anything but pretty. Essentially, we’ve relied heavily on the whole “it’s all about the company you keep anyway” adage for a while now, but enough is enough. It’s long been a dream of mine to host incredible soirees with incredible folks and now it’s finally time. You may have seen a few peeks here and there on instagram stories as of late, but if not I’m here to share with you our current dining room design plans. The full reveal (including  befores and afters) will be coming soon to a blog near you – I can’t flippin’ wait.




Buffet: Wayfair | Chairs: Wayfair | Table: Ave Home | Area Rug: Dash & Albert | Curtains: Tonic Living in Victoria, Oyster | Paint: Farrow & Ball – Strong White | Pendant: Caravaggio | Lamps: Candelabra | Art: Zoe Pawlak | Ceiling Medallion: Lowes | Crown Moulding: Metrie

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  1. Céline says:

    Oh it is wonderful Jacquelyn,i am so happy to see it.
    It give me a lot of inspiration for my next decor
    What i like from all your inspiration and decor is that you give space to people not only the decor,and i think it is so important in today living.
    I am from Montreal ,my writing is so,so..and i practice,
    Have a great day,i hope we say your bedroom decor in the net month

  2. Bobbi says:

    I love your design! The color palette is so pretty. My dining room is too far on the minimalist side. You’ve inspired me to jazz it up!

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