May 1

Monday Musings

Monday MusingsA few links I’m loving from around the web…

:: How to slow your life
:: Ikea catalogue covers since 1951
:: A fascinating read on a mediocre life
:: What to do when you mess up at work
:: The difference between pros and amateurs
:: Currently lusting over this bag (it’s perfect for spring)
:: The best fish taco recipe (just in time for Cinco de Mayo)
:: And apparently I need to up my toast game. These  are the actual prettiest.


Blush Bedroom: Apartment Therapy | Forest Green Door: New England Home | Braided Half Up Do: Kassinka | Macarons: Tatiana


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  1. Abby Capalbo says:

    You are so sweet to include my toast post in this round up! Thanks for sharing pretty lady! xoxo

  2. D. Goldberg says:

    Glad you enjoyed your concert. Although I was born in Toronto and spent most of my life there, I live in London now. If you take the time to explore you will find many lovely and charming areas of London that may remind you of Toronto, but on a much smaller scale. Although I am a Torontonian at heart, I was a bit offended by your statement regarding London, although I’m sure you meant no offence.

    • Hi Doris!

      Oh no, I’m so sorry. I definitely didn’t mean to offend anyone by any means. We actually really enjoyed our stay in London and I know that you have some gems, no question. I should have also mentioned that the day we went it was super cold, super grey, and really rainy – which is no fault of London’s. Perhaps we just need to give it another chance on a nicer day :)

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  4. […] Image via Lark and Linen […]

  5. Joey Kov says:

    Love it!

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