Jan 17

#ProjectLarkAndLinen: Our Home Office Design Plans

caitlinflemming_016$!x900 {A Calm and Serene Home Office, To Act as Inspiration For Our Own}

If you’ve peeped at my Instagram stories lately, you may have noticed that our home office renovation is *finally* well under way.  After a bit of a standstill while we plotted, planned and schemed, we’ve made some serious headway on all fronts. We worked with True Contractors to install our dreamy AF Metrie crown moulding and wainscotting, which officially went up last week. And now we’re just waiting on paint and wallpaper so we can focus on the fun bits: furnishing, styling and accessorizing. Seeing as I spend a lot of time in this very space (though not nearly as much as I used to, thank you New Year’s resolutions!*), it was really important for everything to feel calm, serene, ridiculously cozy, and effortlessly pulled together. Following is a quick peek at our home office design plans. Blame the fact that I’ve been camping out in our dining room for a while now, I’m officially in the impatient portion of the project, and I can’t wait to have the whole space photographed for you when it’s complete: 

serene office design plans


*My New Year’s Resolutions, which I haven’t discussed here yet, are simple: a focus on self care. That means an hour of yoga, running and/or spinning three times a week, no more checking emails the second I open my eyes, and truly shutting work down by 6:30 pm each night – no exceptions. Three weeks in, I’ve stuck to each and every one, and I’ve truly never felt better. 


[break]FIRST IMAGE: Sacramento Street

PRODUCTS: Area Rug: Armadillo & Co | Desk: Ave Home | Custom Roman Shade: Tonic Living | Wallpaper: Anthropologie | Table Lamp: Serena & Lily | Pendant: Joss & Main | Poof: Métis | Bookshelf: Ikea | Lounge Chair: Roderick Allan | Mountain Art: Minted | Pink Abstract Art: Minted | Sketch Art: Minted | New York Art: Minted | Black White Art: Minted | Chair Rail: Metrie | Cove: Metrie | Crown Moulding: Metrie | Marble Card Holder: Etsy | Mouse Pad: Etsy | Letter Holder: Pottery Barn | Bookends: Pottery Barn | Pink Throw: St. Frank | Baskets: St. Frank

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  1. Jessica says:

    Your office is going to look amazing! I can relate on your 2017 resolutions, I’ve decided the same and so far it’s not working that well for me x

    Jessica — NinetyCo 

    • Thanks Jessica! As for the resolutions, I actually found a studio near my home that has yoga, barre, pilates, spinning etc. etc. etc. unlimited for $80 a month. Every Sunday I look through the schedule and physically add each class I’m planning on attending into my calendar. I then treat each one as a meeting – they’re non negotiable. It has been a huge help!

  2. Oh, Jacquelyn, you have so many lovely pieces in your design plan! Looking forward to seeing how it comes together.

  3. Nikki says:

    Love that lamp, the whole looks is fantastic!

  4. Ashley says:

    Those goals seem tricky but do-able! I’m with you on the checking emails first thing in the morning…ugh. Good job on making it this far :)

    (and great find on that desk, it’s gorgeous!)

  5. Susan says:

    Jacquelyn, Thank you for including our Patra pillow in your plans! I have to say, I love seeing our work included in lots of projects, but for me, it’s truly special when a designer selects it for their very own spaces. It’s like winning a gold medal. : ) I also loved reading about your New Year’s resolutions – I have to say, I started exercising regularly and keeping to a stricter work schedule a few years back, and I love it, too. There’s only so much time in the day, it’s important to take care of the things that really matter, including your own mind and body- the source of it all!! X Susan

    • Amen, Susan! I add my workouts to my planner and treat them like meetings, which has been a game changer. It really does need to be a priority or it just won’t happen! Thanks for your sweet note <3

  6. 25 Sweetpeas says:

    Its going to look great!

  7. Hardman says:

    Interesting project and I like details, tints that you decided to use. Good luck in all undertaking!

  8. Hannah says:

    That desk is gorgeous! I’ve been looking for / needing one. How much was it? No prices on the link!

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