Sep 23

Scenes from my Week


Last Saturday I was left with an entire day all to myself with zero plans in sight. Justin was in a golf tournament all day long so it was just Sage and I, left to our own devices… I haven’t had a day with absolutely nothing on the agenda for what feels like years now (though I’m sure that’s a little dramatic), and the thought was exhilarating (hashtag getting old). I ended up booking an (epic) last minute massage at Stillwater Spa, treating myself to some thai takeout, and got cracking on our new home design plans while watching an embarrassing amount of super cheesy movies well into the wee hours of the morning. It was just what I needed to make me feel human again, and I’ve been riding that high all week long. As always, a few more moments from the last few days. 

{ABOVE: Cozying Up for Fall: Fur Pillow | Navy/White Pillow | Floral Pillow | Throw}

pumpkin-pie{The Dessert Lady’s Pumpkin Pie (for one)}

potted-garden{rainy day greens}

herbed-sea-salt{delicious gifts from Latvia}

dahlia-garden {our neighbors’ dahlia garden}

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