Aug 30

A Charming Victorian

breakfast nookDid you guys know we moved into our first house recently*? No? Because allow me to talk about it again for the eleventy-billionth time! We did. And you’re probably starting to roll your eyes at me at this point but it’s huge! Now that we’re starting to get settled the excitement is real. Aside from our bathroom (which is 99.9% done by the way), we have a wholeeeeee house to play with. So naturally I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled for inspiration galore. And this Victorian home? It has similar bones to ours, and is acting like the most wonderful jumping off point for our future designs and renos. Enjoy! 

*insert sarcasm font

victorian living roomattic bench modern trad dining room club chair master bedroom


[break]Source: Style at Home | Photography: Michael Graydon

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