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DIY No Sew Pom Pom Napkins

DIY no sew pompom napkin
I like to think of myself as crafty, but my DIY skills are limited at best. I’m confident when it comes to homemade infused bath salts, and can arrange flowers like a pro, but prefer to keep it at that. My friend Gaby, on the other hand? She’s a DIY wizard. She’s constantly whipping up the most beautiful things, and is a wealth of crafty knowledge. So when she told me she was going to make DIY napkins for our party some time ago, I wasn’t at all surprised when the results turned out just so. She promised me I could handle them myself with the right tools, and after being taught the steps, I’m willing to bet that this is one DIY that wouldn’t go awry. Simple enough to execute, yet crazy impactful? That’s my kind of projects.

DIY no sew pompom napkin DIY no sew pompom napkin DIY no sew pompom napkin DIY no sew pompom napkin


makes six napkins

:: 2 yards of fabric of your choice
:: Hem Fuser
:: An iron
:: A fork
:: Scissors
:: A needle
:: Measuring Tape
:: Embroidery thread, in any colour of your choice


1:: Cut your fabric into six 22” x 22” squares
2 :: With the pretty side down, fold 1” of fabric in on itself.
3 :: Cut the hem fuser to the same length as your napkin, tuck it underneath the first fold and run a hot iron overtop until fused together.
4 :: Repeat folding and ironing on each side until all 4 sides are “hemmed”
5 :: To make the pom poms, follow these steps using a fork and the embroidery thread.
6 :: Sew the pom poms onto each corner and you’re done!
Ps – head over to Gaby’s blog, The Vault Files, for step by step photos.
[break]Photography: Heidi Lau & The Vault Files

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