Jul 25

Our Tiny Outdoor Oasis

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First of all, thank you so much for all of your kind words about our news on Friday. So many of you took the time to leave a comment, a text, send an email, or a snapchat, and it meant more than you guys will ever know. For real, I teared up a few times. You guys are really and truly the best. 

It almost feels silly to be sharing our updated condo balcony reveal at this point, but we pulled it together before landing our new home and we’re so thrilled with the results that it didn’t feel right to keep them to myself… It was a tiny (5’x9′) space that acted as a catch all for all sorts of junk over the years and we literally never used the space. In fact, I used to try to keep the curtains drawn as much as possible as it was such an eyesore. The best part about the whole transformation is that is absolutely everything, with exception of the new floor (which we’ll leave for the next tenants), can come with us and will look equally as amazing in our new backyard (!!)

Now that it’s complete, we’ve had a number of those “why didn’t we do this like a million years ago?!” moments. Since it’s been complete we’ve lived out there all summer long. We eat dinner, sip on cold bevies, and have even been known to drag my laptop out there to watch Netflix under the stars. The space may be small, but a few key moments (like the deep and cozy teak loveseat) have really made it sing. We installed some twinkly lights overhead, and sprinkled in candles and lanterns wherever possible. It is literally magic out there in the evening – it never fails to amaze me the difference a little mood lighting makes.

I worked with Wayfair over the last few weeks to pull it all together, and the sweet (and incredibly talented) Simply Lace Photography came by to document it in all of its itty bitty glory. Check out the results for yourself below! I couldn’t be more thrilled with our teeny tiny outdoor oasis.  

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[break]Photography: Simply Lace Photography

Blanket | Loveseat | Lantern | Blue Planter | Cream Planter | Flooring | Elephant Table | Metal Table | Blue Pillows | Taupe Pillows | String Lights | Rail Planter

Thank you to Wayfair for collaborating with me on this post

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