Jul 22

Scenes from The Most Exciting Week Yet

new house

So… WE BOUGHT A HOUSE! And it has literally been killing me to not spill the beans. I’m fairly certain that I told most everyone I saw (or e-mailed) over the course of the last month, and it feels so incredible to officially share the news. It happened a lot quicker than we ever anticipated, and we weren’t quite ready to divulge until all of the details were looked after. But our i’s have been dotted, our t’s have been crossed, and the home is officially ours.

It’s an old Victorian, built in 1898, and boasts the most beautiful bones. At 120 years old it’s got its fair share of quirks (including some seriously slope-y floors and a kitchen I’m dying to take a sledgehammer to), but it boasts 10″ baseboards, 9′ ceilings, and original cast iron grilles. Essentially: character out the wazoo. I am so in love with our old crooked home and I cannot wait to really put down some roots and bring it back to life. We don’t officially move in for another few weeks, which means we’ll have a little bit of time to get a few things sorted before we get settled (ie: we are currently in the throws of bathroom gut logistics – hooray!) 

Thank you all for your constant support – it means more than you’ll ever know, and we can’t wait to share all of the ups, downs, and reno plans we have in store. In the meantime, I will be doing a Snapchat tour at some point next week (details still pending). If you want to see it all in its glory, bumps and bruises alike, feel free to follow along here


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