Jul 15

Scenes from my Week

on set{Heidi working her magic during Krystin‘s master bedroom shoot}

With big things on the horizon for us on all fronts (more about that next week), I’m looking forward to a low-key, lazy weekend. Every few weeks my mom and I try to take a Friday off in order to spend the day snuggling up on my 5 month old niece (while she’s still tiny, and tolerant, enough to snuggle up on), and today happens to be that day. After a month filled to the brim with finalizing big projects and participating in a series of photoshoots, plus a lot of development on the personal front, I’m looking forward to said visit more than ever. It usually consists of baby coos, a day spent in pjs, and bottomless mugs of tea. In other words: perfection. As always, here are a few wonderful moments from my week. 

saturday dinette{Highly recommend: brunch at Saturday Dinette}

roses{very excited about these particular roses (more details to come)}

branca toronto{a wonderful dinner at Branca}

cocktails {cocktails with a few girlfriends}

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