Jun 17

Scenes from my Week

rainbow cookie{#loveislove}

I don’t often post about heavy topics around here. It has been my mission over the last five years to attempt to spread light, inspiration, and love. To do my part, no matter how small, to attempt to drown out any hate…  However, I can’t shake my emotions surrounding the horrible events that unfolded in Orlando last week, and everyone who has suffered as a result. My heart is heavy, but if there’s one thing I know for sure is that love shines brighter than anything else, and seeing the outpouring of it far and wide gives me hope like no other. There is still so much good in this world, and together I believe we can make waves. Be kind, choose love, and have a beautiful weekend. 

vintage mirror{scheming on how to make this massive mirror mine}

watercolor dahlias{watercolour dahlias at the garden centre}

anthropologie{pulling items at Anthropologie for a shoot next week}

chocolate coconut tart {homemade chocolate coconut tart for a family BBQ}

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