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How To Make Shibori Easter Eggs

DIY shibori easter eggs
The vast majority of my fondest childhood memories revolve around the holidays. Hanging ornaments on the Christmas tree with my family, delivering weak coffee and soggy toast to my mom in bed on Mothers’s day, carving pumpkins with my dad (in the form of Ernie & Bert, always) at Halloween, and decorating Easter eggs every March with my siblings rank amongst my favourite.  It’s been ages since I’ve partook in the latter activity, and when I spotted Alice & Lois’ tutorial for shibori Easter eggs, I knew I wanted to give it a go. While it wasn’t quite as fun without my siblings near by, I’m surprised at how much my grown up self enjoyed making them, and love how they incorporate a subtly festive vibe while piled in a bowl on my dining room table. 

DIY shibori easter eggs shibori easter eggs DIY marble easter eggsshibori easter eggs

6 large, white eggs, hardboiled (or blown out)
Disposable plastic container
Room temperature water
Blue nail polish
Stir stick
Rubber gloves


1/ Fill your container 3/4 of the way full with room temperature water (if the water is too cold the polish will sink – it should sit on top of the water). Add a few drops of nail polish and swirl with a stir stick.
2/ Using rubber gloves, dip your egg and swirl around until completely covered. Set aside and let dry completely.
3/ Repeat with remaining eggs (adding more nail polish for each new egg) & enjoy!

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