Mar 8

I’m In Love With This Bright and Cozy Getaway

white bedroom vaulted ceiling

Justin and I have big plans to visit our friends in Sweden this summer, and while I couldn’t be more excited at the possibilities that lay ahead, summer is still months away and I feel like a child at Christmas. My wanderlust? It’s totally out of control. I’ve since found myself googling fabulous locales far and wide on the regular, and on many occasions have had to seriously talk myself out of booking a last minute adventure.  Case in point: it’s currently taking all of my willpower not to hop on the next plane to Australia, and move right into this incredible estate. Modern touches set against a country backdrop, right in the heart of one of the most beautiful places on earth? Pure heaven.

modern country bathroom country vanity open shelves kitchen concrete floors shiplap ceiling neutral living room living room wood burning stove scandinavian living room scandinavian living room modern plaid claw foot tub white barn cozy cottage white barnSHOP  THE LOOK:

[break]Source: The Estate Trentham

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