Mar 4

Scenes from my Week

baby-snuggles {Cuddling my niece last weekend}

I was hit with that 48 hour flu bug out of nowhere on Monday evening, and it totally knocked me off my feet for the majority of the week. This now marks the third time I’ve been bedridden since Christmas, and I have to admit it’s really freaking me out. My new years resolution was to take better care of myself, and while I’ve been much better at shutting down my laptop at a reasonable hour each night, my stress levels are still high. Work is busy. Life is busy. And balancing it all has become all consuming. I’m not sure what the secret is, but I do know that I need to get my life (and health) in check! While I really didn’t get a whole lot accomplished this week, here are a few moments from the past few days. 

Chai syrup
{the most delicious chai syrup}

Club Monaco{I wish I could live in a Club Monaco store}

Feminine bedroom plans{finalizing paint colours for a client’s master}

Blush loafers {my new favourite shoes for spring}

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