Feb 16

All Out Glam Meets Modestly Modern

romantic pale peach dining room

Whenever I’m on the hunt for my next house envy feature, I always search for full home tours. The kitchens, the bathrooms, the bedrooms… I like to see as much as physically possible before deeming it worthy as a full post. I have, in the past, focused on just one space, but those features are few and far between, and only when said space can completely hold its own. It’s been years since that’s happened, but all that changed the minute I set my sights on this magic. This incredible space manages to bridge that awkward gap between all out glamorous, and casually modern. The mouldings – the ones that look as if they’ve been in place for centuries – are the stuff that dreams are made of, yet the soft blush and rich blues are totally current, without even trying.    

elegant dining roomornate dining roomornate moulings blush wallsglamorous dining room blush blue dining room


[break]Found: Coco Kelley | Photography: Jesper Florbrant

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